the foam was just pouring out of her mouth and nose
we got to the shore,
they had nothing
getting her to the infirmary
they were panicking
the whole thing was crazy
half an hour to the hospital
there, she was pronounced dead
it took a long time
it seamed to be going in slowmotion
they're moving so slowly
i'm a dentist
you don't need a doctor
a doctor was supposed to be there, a decompressing chamber

you need a miracle

it was a monstrosity
0 M
8 minutes and 38 seconds had passed
they popped out of the water

pink foam came out of her mouth
the bubbles are just left behind
29 M
his head is above the bubbles
he took an immense risk
90 M
to save his wife
he raised down,
dive bombed down
to rescue her
he caught her and ascended
he risked his life
so fast
she was thrifting like an automn leave
124 M
she was in blackout
i saw the ballon slowly coming up by himself
the liftbag came to the surface
something was terribly not right
i knew something had happened to her.
it's insane
the safety diver had no other choise
he had to stay there and wait
there was no one to help him
it doesn't make any sense
had there been a safety diver
she was still struggling
158 M
he realized too something was not right

thirty, forty, fifty seconds one minute had passed
she hadn't shown up she didn't ascend
no signs of distress on the boat
she's supposed to be back
in the blue
she left the cable

she started to ascend
171 M

far to slow