something was not right

loud and angry discussions
not feeling good at all

not a good day
i went back to my own business

i've already taken care of the bottle
0 M
very withdrawn, her mood was bizarre
she took her final breath
very stormy,
but it cleared up
the countdown resumed

she stared into the ocean
something was not right
only two safety divers
a gaping hole at the 130 meters
something was just not right
50 M
but nothing was wrong
she passed in front of me

80 M
it just didn't look quite right
she was going fine, perfect
i had the feeling that something was not right
160 M
arriving like usually, you know, fast

she started to ascend
171 M
nothing happened
she opened the tank
i inflated the pony tank with my own gas

far to slow
the first bad surprise