Text Animations

La surpuissance des oiseaux
In english: "The overpower of birds". To describe the physical and psychological sensations of a migraine, I used the methaphor of birds in a head. Inspired by Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, I made a video with text animation in white on a black background.
I adapted the text slightly and worked on the layout with the goal to direct the reading flow and rythm of the reader.

Les trois claques
In this text animation I use methaphores and some colors, to describe the state of a man, who wakes up in panic. The green colors used in the background of the text are all taken from the list of html color names. The colors appear, when a word with "vert" [fr. green] comes up within the text. I adapted the text slightly and worked on the layout. The text gets bigger when tension mounts in the story.

The Animation online