3D Poems


A poem about the elements, floating with a structure in css 3d. Water, air, fire and earth are symbolized by colors, animated gifs, texts in french and onomatopoeia in german. Moving around the cursor, the elements change.

A structure in css 3d, with a multilingual poem in english, french and german implanted inside. Phrases float in space, supported by semi-transparent, grey surfaces. By moving the cursor, languages interchange, the structure turns in reading direction and animated gifs with palmtrees appear.

Round structure in css 3d, with the words "PRESENT" "PAST" "FUTURE" written inside. Moving the cursor over the multicolored object, it starts turning faster and faster.

Shadows of birds animated with css 3d are flapping in front of letters. Written down are the names of birds and the sounds they're making. In a foreign language, technical terms that are far from one's own interests are often learned very late in the process, and here, I tried a playful approach to these words around fauna.