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“Ruptura” is an edition combining photos, text and work with paper. Attached at the ceiling with a chain, the two hardcover-books contain, among other things, parts of a text, that we found in a forum, consultable here. One of the users ask the others for advice because he has an unexplained fear of breaking things.


In the two parts of the edition, “Ruptura I” and “Ruptura II”, the original post is placed at the beginning, followed by parts of the responses and advices. In “Ruptura I”, the phrases and questions are printed in order of their publication, in “Ruptura II”, they are rearranged in another, equally coherent order. The photographs show different broken things, for example decoration, everyday objects and technical devices. One part of the broken object is included in “Ruptura I”, the other one in “Ruptura II”. Taken at night-time with artificial lights, the pictures were taken in front of backgrounds like pavements or plants to achieve an aesthetic that looks both natural and staged. The pages of the two parts were printed on one page and ripped apart, so their edges form a landscape of paper.


We produced the edition for an exhibition, which was accompanied by a catalog (50 examples), containing a individualized copy of each artist. We produced the pages with two superposed photographs, one of them teared and glued on top of the other. The pictures are taken just some moments apart and show a cup being smashed by a hammer.
With Théo Goedert